Looking to buy furniture for your home in Nepal? Consider researching on furniture as it is usually long term purchase for your home. Worried about what to consider before buying furniture? You don’t have to think hard  yourself. We have carefully plan out the steps to consider before buying furniture. Moreover, we have listed six important things to consider before buying furniture in Nepal.

1. Sizing and Planning

The space that you have is directly proportional to the furniture you want to buy. Furthermore, the dimension and size of the room or space you are thinking of furnishing should be checked thoroughly before buying or ordering furniture. Aspects like overall room height, Beam height, dimensions of the window and lintel, etc.  These have a vital emphasis on the furniture that would look good in a space. It will be a better idea to draw up and check for proportions as well. Visualization will help to make the full usability of the space.

2. Work for functionality

Traditional ready-made furniture is usually based on the standardized process. The manufacturing is done in a certain way that there is less wastage of material and the needs are often generalized. Nowadays, furniture is being functional in every way, bed cum sofa, standing desks. Recliners serve as a single item to provide different functionalities. So, it’s a good idea to take time and properly account everything you will need to do in a particular space.  

3. Customized furniture vs ready-made furniture

Ready-made furniture or commonly known as standalone furniture is great for adding proportion and filling gaps in spaces that are empty. However, your space could be more suited for a customized space utilization design. Besides, these things are to be considered to make a modest home with practical and well-crafted customized furniture, such as racks for storage under a showcase, walk-in closet, shelving within seats. Therefore, hiring an interior designer for a professional opinion will help a lot in bringing out the aesthetic in the working or residential spaces.

4. Durability & Cost

Often durability and cost are considered to be hand in hand, the idea is if you pay more the more durable is the furniture. Which is true in some sense, but you have to be careful to not fall for the brand and hidden prices. The major aspect of durability is the way the furniture is made. An experienced craftsman or a company that knows how to make furniture is very important in making furniture or furnishings. The provision has to be durable furniture in a budget.

5. Comfort and Ergonomics

Firstly, comfort is the key factor while you are choosing furniture. The way the furniture feels is what most of the customer base their choices on. Secondly, ergonomics is the process of designing work-space and sitting spaces such that it fits the user. Ergonomic furniture making is getting popular day by day, people are starting to make furniture that is suitable for their body. To sum up, customization helps to standard the standardization for a single individual.

6. Complimenting each other

Furniture is generally regarded as a utility-based product for the Nepalis household, a bed to sleep on, a sofa to rest on a table to put the telephone on, etc. Lately, the concept of furniture has grown, even though the utility aspect is the major delivery but nowadays furniture is also used as a space filler. The whole idea is to comfort the eyes to move from one place to the next seamlessly. These places could we talk about are the walls connecting the floor to the ceiling. While buying a furniture one should consider fitting the pieces to the puzzle. Furniture used is directly cohesive to the wall color/ paper, the ceiling design and also the material used for flooring and windows. Customized furniture provides a great way to provide a consistent and uninterrupted flow through color, shape and material coordination. 

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