Customer these days want customized products that are suitable for the. This is where WoodCraft Nepal come in. Basically, WoodCraft Nepal serves as a “one-stop solution” for the entire interior/ exterior and furniture needs. 

WoodCraft Nepal was established with the goal to cater to individual needs of customers and to provide them with products that fulfill their sense of design. We don’t believe in mass production and hence try to focus on creating products that are unique and individualistic, identify exactly what customer wants, design products according to their needs (while suggesting them what’s good), show them an image of what the product will look like and then finally deliver the products. This is what separates woodcraft from the rest.

We have a team of inhouse creative designers who are attuned to global trends with regard to interior and furniture designs and develop concepts that reflect that trend while at the same time keeping in mind the client’s wish. 

“Although our company is only a few years, our team has a vast experience of being involved in this sector, that is why we easily understand that the needs of customers today is different from the past. Clients today want customized design and we deliver just that with the help of a group of talented designers and a well-equipped factory that has the best of the latest machinery.” says Suraj Karki, director of WoodCraft Nepal.

After Woodcraft Nepal was established it completed the interior of Lavish salon at Durbar marg, Red mud coffee at Gairidhara and Baneshwor, Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology at Sinamangal, Energy Environment Research & Development Centre at Dillibazar and Sano Milti Khola Hydropower Ltd. at Maharajgunj. Apart from these companies, WoodCraft Nepal has also worked with individual clients to provide furnishing services for their homes and apartments.

As an interior design company, we provide a complete solution, this it has classified their products in different categories like Residential Space (Beds/ Side tables, wardrobe, dining table & chair set, kitchen cabinet), Corporate Space (office tables, cabinets, open racks, chairs, sofa, tv racks, shoe racks, etc.) and Restaurant Space (chair, table, culinary items, kitchen equipment, decor items, etc.) We also deals with other interior solutions like curtains, flooring, carpets, wooden partitions, wallpapers, etc. Price varies with the products, its dimensions and material used. However, the emphasis is on the satisfaction of the clients and durability of the products.

“Decorating with Woodcraft” orginally published in Living-ECS, Issue 118. One Stop Solution for your Interior and Furniture Needs. Contact- 9841662211; 9851029594